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 Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter 500w~10KW

Powerstar LW Low Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter is from 500W
to 10000W, DC12V-72V, AC 110V/220V/230V, 50Hz or 60Hz,
LCD indicators display. 35amp/70amp built in charger, UPS function,
most advanced technology, peak power three times.


1.UPS function 
2.dc to ac solar power inverter 
3 Built in charger 
4.Warranty 2 year

1. Pure sine wave output, available for sensitive load 
2. 4-step progressive charging, 7 battery type selector 
3. Fast and powerful charger with 35A and 70A 
4. Accept generator’s energy output 
5. High power factor 
6. Automatically transfer between battery and line modes 
7. Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability 
8. Bypass without battery connected 
9. Remote control.

Protection against
1. Over Load Protection: Automatically self protect when load too much
power: LED red on.the machine automatically shuts down.
2.Over Temperature Protection: It can automatically self protect when at
high temperature:fist alarm,then the temperature continues to rise. LED
red on, and the machine shuts down.
3.Low Voltage protection :Automatically protect,when be in low
voltage: fist alarm, then the volatage continuously reduce.LED red on,
and the machine shuts down.
4.Over Voltage Protection: Automatically protect,when be in high
voltage: LED red on, the machine automatically shuts down.
5. Reverse connection(optional by hard connector):
Automatically protect when positive and negative cables are reverse
connected:fuse burns out.

Model   No DC voltage Rated power N.W   (kgs) G.W     (kgs)
LED MINI LW12/24-500 12/24VDC     500W 8 9
LED MINI LW12/24-1000 12/24VDC     1000W 16 18
LW12/24-1000 12/24VDC     1000W 16 18
LW12/24-1500 12/24VDC     1500W 18 20
LW12/24-2000 12/24VDC     2000W 20 22
LW12/24/48-3000   12/24/48VDC     3000W 26 28
LW24/48-4000 24/48VDC      4000W 48 56
LW24/48-5000 24/48VDC     5000W 48 56
LW24/48-6000 24/48VDC       6000W 48 56
LW48/72-7000 48/72VDC     7000W 50 58
LW48/72-8000 48/72VDC       8000W 52 60
LW48/72-10000 48/72VDC 10000W 52 60



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